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As a child (and even as an adult) I always had an overactive imagination. I remember myself at a young age hiding away in closets, wrapped in blankets with my eyes shut tight, daydreaming about ponies or super powers or clouds that rained candy. In grade three, I scribbled one of those dreams onto a piece of paper and won a storytelling contest. From that day on, I was hooked. Writing was a way for my dreams to come alive!


My first book, Liquid Comfort, took me almost ten years to write. I spent most of that time doing research and revisions, learning everything I could about writing. Just like I did when I was a child, I got the idea for the story from a dream. LC was originally a romance, a love triangle between Travis, Shayla, and Mika, but the more I wrote, the more I leaned away from that plot. I started to focus more on the story between the two brothers and their struggles with addiction, and I’m glad now that I made the changes.


Although I grew up in the Canadian prairies, I’ve always considered myself a soul-surfer at heart. I rode my first wave at Waikiki Beach when I was eight years old and quickly developed an infatuation for the sport. It became one of my biggest passions. Now that I’m older, I visit the Hawaiian Islands regularly, spending most of my time on the North Shore of Oahu. Although I am not a local, the spirit of Aloha lives in my heart and soul and will remain there forever.


Liquid Comfort was inspired by my love of the ocean, but it is more than just a surf story. LC is a tale of self-torment, addiction, and grief. It’s a story about overcoming adversity. Growing up on the streets when I was fifteen years old placed me in diverse situations. Much of my writing focuses on many of the issues I was forced to deal with such as drug and alcohol addiction, abandonment, grief, and rebellion. Through these hardships I learned a great deal about what not to do, and I hope to pass that on in my writing.


One day I was daydreaming about a conversation between an angel and God, and I found myself wondering. What if a person grew up in a poor situation, learning vile behavior and making bad decisions because of their upbringing? If underneath it all, they really had a good heart, but made stupid choices in the end, would if be their fault? Would that person deserve to go to Hell?

Damn You is not a religious novel. Although I have taken some aspects/names from the christian religion, I have written this book as a FANTASY story. My aim was to provide an interesting and unique look at a spiritual realm beyond our world, and any mention of worldly religions are simply MY personal opinions. The God I have portrayed is the kind of God I would want to believe in. A God who is truly all-loving. And who knows, maybe He really is out there, waiting for us to come home.”

Thank you for taking an interest in my books!

I hope you get a chance to check out both of my novels. And I hope you enjoy them :)

Cheryl Petro


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