I am an INTERIOR DECORATING & RENOVATION CONSULTANT specializing in COLOR & PRODUCT SELECTION. I also have my realtors licence and work with house flippers in the CALGARY AREA

After achieving my Master Design Certificate from SAIT in 2004, I entered into the Visual Design Program at the University of Calgary which offers courses spanning MANY aspects of design, including interior design, interior decorating, photography, and graphic design. Learning is important to me and I keep up with trends by continuously improving my design skills.

My second passion is writing, and I have taken numerous college and university English courses such as creative writing, intensive grammar, copy-writing, and more. I have one self published novel (currently selling on Amazon) and another on its way.

Design Experience:

Since 2013, I  have worked as the lead designer and color/product selection specialist for Vayda Homes & Design Inc, a Real Estate Investment & Home Renovation company that specializes in flipping houses and complete home renovations. I work alongside builders and site managers helping to manage the interior/exterior design aspects of the builds.

This includes: sourcing materials, making selections, completing drawings and summaries, acquiring quotes, completing progress reports, and staging the properties for re-sale. I also have my realtors license and assist buyers in finding homes ready to be flipped.

MaryEva Decor

Mary-Eva Decor was founded in 2012. Projects mainly include: in-home consultations, sourcing materials for renovations, shopping for furniture, and completing design sample boards for clients.

My experience has given me an understanding of the needs of a broad range of clients. Whatever the project, I am committed to ensuring clients are happy with the end result. I view the process as a partnership and encourage each client to participate so I can create a space that is right for their personal style.

I am currently available to hire for (full or partial) RESIDENTIAL OR SMALL COMMERCIAL RENOVATION PROJECTS. For rates & more information, please check out my Interior Services page for MaryEva Decor, or contact me by email at: cherylleepetro@gmail.com.

I am also available for Real Estate Photography.

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