Damn You - An Angel Story

by Cheryl Lee Petro


Tazza, a newly risen angel born in the Garden of Aaydon, wishes to gain her Guideian status and enter the heavenly world of Xionn. To do so, she must pass three trials, given to her by Chief Celestial, Mika’il.

The first is to judge a human life.


Lux Vitae, the God of Goodness and Light, has sealed the planet of Earth in an attempt to keep darkness out. As He can no longer interfere, it is up to Tazza to guide her human back towards goodness.

If she can figure out how.


Daynan has not had an easy childhood. Abandoned by his alcoholic mother and growing up in foster homes has left him a bitter young man with no concern for his future. Drugs, sex, stealing, gangs … and even murder? The choices are his to make.

Little does he know he’s being watched.


What if you were an angel who had to judge a human life? If that person had a good heart but made bad decisions in life, would you send them to Heaven or Hell? 


The first draft of ‘Damn you’ is almost finished and will soon be turned over to some great editors. Editing will likely take about a year, so this book is set to be released sometime in 2022.

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Although I have used spiritual theories such as Heaven and Hell in this novel, they serve as settings and places of fantasy only. My characters (Angels, Demons, Good and Evil) are purely fictional. Damn You is NOT a religious novel. It is an agnostic view of a divine world beyond. It asks the question: What if a person grew up in a poor situation, learning vile behavior and making bad decisions because of their upbringing? If underneath it all, they had a good heart but made stupid choices, would it be their fault in the end? Would that person deserve to go to Hell? And would an All-Knowing, All-Loving God really send them there?

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